Stand up against old tyres

When you register to support tyred you join the people that have already pledged their desire to see a change in the law. Your support of tyred will secure a safer future for passengers of coaches and stop carelessness of rogue coach operators. Together we can raise awareness, influence change and save lives.

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Standing Together

If you run a business or website and want to help raise awareness of the detrimental effect of old tyres then download our supporter asset pack full of badges, banners, logos and GIFs. If you need something specific please contact us at and we would be happy to work with you to design the assets you need.

Write to your Local Councillor

The most important thing you can do to support the tyred campaign is to raise the issue with your local councillors. Writing to your local councillors and asking them to raise a motion will bring the issue directly to the attention of the Government at the same time as making important changes locally. Enter your postcode below and we will help you write to your local councillor.

The key points to raise are:
  • You support the tyred campaign and are campaigning to change legislation to stop tyres older than 10 years being used on coaches and mini-busses in the UK
  • Old tyres put the lives of millions of passengers travelling in the UK at risk
  • A change in the law would not cost anything to the UK taxpayer
  • Profit should never come before people. Negligent coach operators must be prevented
  • You would like your councillors to put forward a motion supporting tyred
  • Share this link with them so they have an example text for the motion